Meet Sophorn – Our Design Assistant





We have loved having Sophorn as a part of the MCD team. (Thank you Kathy for bringing her to us!) She has been an asset to not only our interior designers but also our administrative department working between the two to help our company run smoothly. She has enjoyed getting to know everyone in the few weeks she has been with us and loves her job because loves to create something beautiful for her clients. If she wasn’t working in the design world she would still want to use her creativity and talents and be an artist.

hawaii (1)Her dream vacation spot is Tahiti.

Her hobbies include hiking, drawing, and eating (but not the healthy stuff!)

Her favorite movie of all time is Armageddon.

Her biggest pet peeves are when people put the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way, and adults who don’t use the following correctly: “Their, There, They’re”.


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