Meet Todd!



We have welcomed a new member to the MacPherson Construction Team. Meet Todd who started on August 27th! Todd is going to be one of our carpenters and was referred to us by one of our old employees Steve who has since retired. Todd’s first job ever was being a paperboy but he has had lots of experience in the field since then and we are thrilled to have him join us, especially since he says he should be given an award for “Knowing Everything” haha. He loves to fish and hunt, and if he wasn’t working construction he would be on the water or in the mountains. His ultimate vacation spot is anywhere that he can be on the beach with a cocktail in his hand.


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Fun Facts about Todd:

If he could be an animal he would choose to be an Eagle.

If he could meet one person in history he would choose Carl Sagan.

He isn’t much of a movie guy, but does enjoy watching sports.


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