A Trip to Dale Chihuly’s Boathouse











Instead of our birthday lunches at the office to celebrate our employee birthdays of the month, the bosses decided to celebrate Tyler and Fletcher’s birthday with a private tour of Dale Chihuly’s Boathouse and hot shop in Seattle. His boathouse is normally closed to the public so it was quite the opportunity to see his old personal residence, watch his employees at work creating spectacular pieces of art, and enjoying drinks and appetizers.  The highlights were definitely the 85′ long dining room table made out of single tree, the indoor swimming pool with a glass art bottom, and the 20′ long
aquarium where fish swim along his sculptures.
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New piece of Art



If you have never heard of Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman, it is time you have! Keep reading! Their collaboration spans over two decades and their artwork has truly evolved into something brilliant! At our office, we now have a one of a kind fantastic piece that we can’t help but blog about! It is the first piece like this in 5 years, and well, it took years of collecting and creating each of the pieces before it was ready to come all together.

They are inspired by their worldwide travels. As ‘seekers’, Jenny and Sabrina have taken numerous international journeys to places such as Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Uganda, Botswana, Laos, and the list goes on, some trips spanning two months at a time. When they travel to many of the developing nations, they do so in a way as to absorb the essence of that area. From the politics and religion to current affairs, the architecture, but also down to the individuals and their stories. Their work has been featured all over and they have won numerous awards for their works of art.

The piece in our office has everything from Japanese pine cones, Chinese stones, walnut pods from Hawaii, West African beads, Horse teeth from Sayulita, Mexico, even parts of an old chandelier (that they purchased from a guy who has been on the TV show ‘Storage Wars’, who purchased a storage unit and it was one of the treasures inside!

Although I still don’t know how you even begin such an intricate piece, Jenny and Sabrina clearly have it down! If you notice in the upper right side, a bird looking behind itself. In Ghana, this symbol means “If there’s something in your past worth going back for, go back and get it.”  It has become an informal, unifying national symbol and they saw it everywhere while traveling, painted on gourds, buildings, fences, posters, pop cans and thus for the first time in a piece like this, they added it. You will also notice the head in the middle of the piece, it is there to act as the spirit keeper. All of the glass work was done by Jenny and Sabrina, freehand, in their hot shop, and anything they didn’t create, they found and repurposed it.  There is a lot of symbolism in the piece that reflect back to healing and rebirth from the glass root forms to the numerous pods.. they have truly touched on a language of symbols, that if you think about it, is a universal language understood by all of mankind.

We urge you to stop by and take a look! Notice all of the tiny details within the piece. We won’t worry if you are still standing there 20 minutes later admiring :)



A Staircase Called “Music”



MacPherson Construction worked with NK Woodworking (2014 REX Winner) to create this grand staircase to go into one of our latest homes. It is made of Sapele Mahogany and has Stainless Steel inlays. It is called “Music” as the railing’s parallel wood slats look like what you would see on a piece of sheet music. There is no denying the beauty of this staircase. It is more than just a way to get to the second floor, it is a sculpture, a custom piece of practical artwork. You can watch this video to see the process of how it was made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loL26dC86DM We can’t wait for our next exciting project with NK Woodworking and to show you all how it turns out!

When a sink is more than just a sink.


A creative and inspired powder room sink adds a distinct flair to this room.


A hand blown glass sink done by a local artist and lit from below creates a mesmerizing focal point in this bathroom.


No one says a sink has to be an oval or rectangle, a fun shape can add a unique look to your space.

Much more than a door.

We have to say, we love our clients new door! Such a masterpiece. unnamed

Shout out to Rob Robbins of Glass House International of Ferndale, WA  for a job well done.

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Design Elements: Glass Doors

Glass doors can be an excellent way to add texture, color, or visual interest to a space. They allow for a degree of privacy while letting in natural light, and can become a focal point and custom feature in any room in your home.

Interior Glass Doors with a Contemporary Edge.

Front Entry Door

Interior Glass Doors of an Organic Nature

Artful Function

Transform a typical feature into an extraordinary and one of a kind work of art.

This beautiful gate is a functional work of art.

 Artisan craftsmen use creativity to add interest and wow factor to even the smallest of details.

Hinge detail.


Artisans and Artists: Focal Points

design artists

We work with talented local artists to create spectacular focal points for our clients’ homes.

From forged iron stair railings to aged copper range hoods,
we can create pieces that add that special uniqueness to your home.