Employee Spotlight- Jamie!

Jamie has been a part of the ‘extended’ MacPherson Construction family working for us a sub contractor but now he is officially part of the team! He has been in the construction world for a while, and is definitely an expert painter, but his very first job was working at McDonalds! He loves his job at MCD because he truly believes craftsmanship and quality matters. He is a total family man, loves dogs, fishing, and photography.


Quick Facts about Jamie:

1. His ultimate vacation would be fishing in Alaska.

2. He absolutely hates liver… but does anyone actually like it?

3. His favorite movie of all time is Braveheart!phone 083

Senior Prom 2017 041

Employee Spotlight – Dawson



We welcomed Dawson to the team a few months back and he is our newest general laborer!

5 Facts about Dawson:

1. His ultimate vacation spot would be Dubai.

2. If he could meet one person in history it would be Socrates.

3. His favorite movie of all time is the Revenant.

4. If he wasn’t working construction he would be working in water filtration.

5. If he could be any animal he would choose a gorilla.


Meet Scott!

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Scott or “English Scott” as he is known around MCD as been with us for months now and we love having him on our team. His first real job was as a sheet metal worker. His hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he loves spending time with the family. We also love that he hates a messy jobsite as much as we do. :)

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Employee Spotlight: Atilano



Atilano started working for MacPherson Construction in March of 2017. He has been a wonderful addition to the team, helping where ever he is needed. His first real construction job was doing framing and he still helps with that today. He loves to go fishing and is a family man. We enjoy having him as a part of the MCD team.




Employee Spotlight – Peter Ireton



Peter has been with us for a few months now working as a carpenter. He enjoys the job because it lets him be creative. His hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking. His ultimate vacation spot would just be anywhere in the mountains and if he won the lottery he would spend it on traveling the world one country at a time. He also plays the guitar. If he wasn’t working construction he would like to be a musician.


Some things you may not know about Peter:

1. His first real job was at Spud’s Fish and Chips.

2. He hates beets.

3. His biggest pet peeve is when a driver slows down when they get near a semi truck.

4. Favorite movie of all time? Dumb and Dumber

5. If he could meet anyone in history he would choose Jimi Hendrix.

Aliyah at MCD


Aliyah joined MacPherson Construction and Design just over four months ago. Since then she has been a fabulous help working as our interior design assistant. Aliyah went to Washington State University, another GO COUGS! She says if she didn’t go into design she would still want to do something artsy. She loves to draw and used to spend hours on hours sketching random things that caught her eye. Once upon a time she considered even being a tattoo artist! She loves working at MCD because of the people, and her favorite day of the week is by far MCD Fridays! Besides helping us in the design department, occasionally we snag her to help with other office tasks. She should be given an award for organizing Kathy’s files! She loves spending time with family, going to dog parks, and traveling. Her ultimate dream vacation would be to Hawaii.



Fun facts about Aliyah:

1. If she could meet anyone in the world it would be an animator from Studio Ghibli.

2. She dislikes vinegar-y foods.

3. Her favorite movie of all time is The Holiday.


Introducing Will!


Will has been working with MCD for three months now thanks to Charla! We were thrilled she recommended him and we know she was thrilled to get a referral bonus! Will is our newest job foreman or as he likes to call himself, a miracle worker. His first real job he had was working at a fish cannery up on Alaska. If he wasn’t working construction he would probably be coaching baseball. If he could meet one person in history he would choose John Wayne. He loves spending time with his grandkids and if he won the lottery he would give the money to charity as well as spend it on family. Also worth noting, he hates sushi. haha. Welcome Will, we are so happy to have you!


Welcome Kristin!


Kristin comes to us from Wells Fargo and started with us just last month. She has already become an amazing member of the team as our assistant office manager. After working with MacPherson Construction on the banking side of things, she pretty much knew everyone (a definite perk!) and now works with the ladies in the office so say hi if you are around. When not at work, she likes snowboarding in the winter months, being a mom to her son Mason, and staying fit! She also loves coffee and if she won the lottery she would spend it on traveling the world.


A couple of fun facts about Kristin:

Her favorite MCD moment has been the Concert Series we have had.

If she could be an animal, she would choose her own dog Sam.

Her least favorite food is peas.

Her ultimate vacation spot – Negril, Jamaica!


Meet Jeff Dixon!



We welcomed Jeff to the team recently as one of our new carpenters. His first day of “work” was actually the company crabbing trip in the San Juan Islands… not a bad way to start a new job! He loves working in construction because there is always something new to be learned or a new task to complete so there is a lot of variety and it isn’t like working behind a desk where every day is the same. He currently is spending a lot of time fixing up the old home him and his wife purchased a couple of years ago, and if he won the lottery he would love to start flipping houses just like Chip and Joanna from the TV show “Fixer Upper”. He attended Washington State University and of course we love having another coug in the office. He says if he could be any animal he would be a cougar of course!


Quick Fun Facts about Jeff:

He would love to be a shark tank investor.

His biggest pet peeve is inefficiency.

He hates Kale.

His first job was busing tables at Red Robin.

He would love to meet Steve Jobs.

His dream vacation would be to Italy.

He loves the movie Top Gun.


Welcome Back Darrick!


Although Darrick worked for us back around his time at Washington State University (eek how many years ago was that!?), he started working for us again on April 3rd of this year! He of course was familiar with the office atmosphere and a lot of the employees have remained the same since his time with us, but he is now working as an associate architect. His favorite MCD moments have been any and all crabbing events we have put on in the San Juan Islands, and he loves being back at MCD because he get’s to be surrounded by great people. Around the office you may hear him referred to as Samurai, you can probably take a wild guess of which employee gave him that name.

Designing is definitely his passion. If he wasn’t designing custom homes for us, he would probably still be designing other projects of a different scale such as furniture. He loves furniture design and fabrication, vintage motorcycles, live music, metal and wood work, and of course architectural design. If he won the lottery he would use his winnings to design and build a custom home for his parents. If he could meet one person in history it would be Louis Kahn who is of course one of the United States’ greatest 20th century architects. Kahn’s projects include the Salk Institute in La Jolla California, Phillips Exeter Academy Library in New Hampshire, and the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. We are thrilled to have Darrick back with us. His office is upstairs so be sure to stop in and say hello!