Employee Spotlight: Atilano



Atilano started working for MacPherson Construction in March of 2017. He has been a wonderful addition to the team, helping where ever he is needed. His first real construction job was doing framing and he still helps with that today. He loves to go fishing and is a family man. We enjoy having him as a part of the MCD team.




Employee Spotlight – Jake Lindahl


Jacob, or Jake as he is more often called,  joined MCD as a carpenter last month! If you haven’t met him yet, I’m sure you will see him around soon. He loves spending time with his family, lounging around with his kids and dogs as well as playing and watching sports. If he wasn’t working construction he would most likely be smithing. His favorite part about both jobs being that he gets to work with his hands. Now it is probably too early to start asking what his all time favorite MCD moment has been but we look forward to having him work for us and he is a great addition to the team!


Jake has given us some of the most unique answers yet to the bizarre questions we have asked:

If he could be any animal it would be a rhinoceros.

His favorite movie of alltime is Princess Bride.

If he could meet one person in history, he would choose Leif Erikson. (For those of you who don’t know who that is, was an Icelandic explorer and the first known European to have discovered North America, before Christopher Columbus even!)




Welcome back to the one and only Javier!


It has been a few years since Javier was at MacPherson Construction and Design, but he is back and we are thrilled to have him! He is working for us as a carpenter, and having his positive attitude on our jobsites is definitely going noticed! You can tell he has a passion to work hard, and a pet peeve of grumpy people! haha. When asked about what the best gift he has ever received from a client, he answered that ‘they became good friends’… that is what we love about Javier! He is a genuine person inside and out. Now he tells us, if he wasn’t working construction, he would be off scuba diving somewhere, and boy does that sound nice right about now in the middle of winter! His hobbies include listening to music, fishing, and walking (and well, we know about the last one!) Javier was the winner of our January Fitbit competition landing himself a roundtrip ticket to the location of his choice! We also know he is secretly quite talented in the music department so you’ll have to ask him about that one.


A few things you may not know about Javier:

– If he could be any animal he would choose a monkey

– His ultimate vacation dream spot is Chile

– His favorite MCD moments have been when the company goes out crabbing



A Modern Home on the Water

It is a gamers paradise! This beautifully designed 6,000 square foot home on the water is a dream come true for this Gaming Executive. The modern home features expansive flat roofs, massive media and gaming rooms, a one of a kind floating staircase, elevator, all while keeping to a simple color scheme of whites and greys. If there is something new and techy out there, this home has it. Below is a picture of where we are at on the project followed by 3D renderings of the space. It is one sleek design!



1 4 3 2


A Custom Chandelier

Light fixture 3Emily Treece, one of our interior designers, has been putting the finishing touches on her current project, a beautiful chandelier. This fully customizable fixture was just installed last week at one of our homes. It is composed of over 30 separate bulb fixtures suspended from wires at a variety of different lengths which were determined on site. The result is a seemingly random yet beautifully stacked arrangement. They started with the smallest bulbs on the bottom center and worked towards the larger bulbs at the top with the middle sized intermixed.  Each glass bulb was hand-blown and imported from Italy and are combined with numerous Swarovski crystals placed inside. We hope you love the result as much as we do!


light fixture 1

Unpacking the boxes from Italy and adding crystals to the bulbs.

Light fixture 2

Installing the hanging bulbs at varying heights

light fixture 4

A view from outside the front door looking in on the fixture.

light fixture

The final result, beautifully complimented by a gorgeous custom staircase.

Meet Kent Schettler

Kent Photo 1

Kent, sometimes referred to as Daryl, has been with MacPherson Construction and Design for over five years. He claims his first real job was at the circus wrestling alligators, although we haven’t verified that fact. He also claims he is a master sewing technician, and although this hasn’t been proven either, this is slightly more likely. He says his job title should be “Ulitimate Light Bulb Changer” which we cannot deny, as sometimes he is the only one tall enough to reach them, but he deserves a little more credit than that as he can probably build a house from start to finish all on his own. He loves his job because we are creating a place that the client calls home. He should probably, as he mentioned, be given the Super Awesome Daryl Award.

A few things you might not know about Kent:

If he could meet one person from history it would be Warren Buffet.

His favorite MCD moment was catching crabs with everyone!

If he could be any animal, he would be a flying squirrel.

Also, his birthday is in a few days so make sure to give him a little hell about turning 30!


Kent Photo

Outdoor Patios: Perfect for Summer

Nothing better than a sunny hot day and a view of the lake. This deck is partially covered and has a table to eat at for those outdoor BBQs.

Let us help you create an outdoor living area that you won’t want to leave.